Erotic fantasies, Harry Potter characters, comedic commentary—this is the formula for The Potterotica Podcast. From unlikely romances to steamy love scenes, join us as we read a work of erotic Harry Potter fan fiction (aka potterotica) chapter by chapter. This sexy shitshow is hosted by Allie LeFevereLyndsay Rush and Danny McGonagall Chapman—friends, entrepreneurs, and Potterotics who live in Chicago, IL.



p.s. Huge shout out to our team who makes this sexy shebang possible:

Martini Hill Media Group – Podcast Editor (thank you times a mil, Suz)
David W. and Emily P. the horned-up + hilarious Potterotics who make our Episode Cover Art
Chelsea S. and Ulrike M. – resident Hermiones and keeper of the UNDAPANTS and Potterotica Wikia site
Jessie Valle – Tech VA (helped us whip up this snazzy site)
Mark Breithaupt – Cover Art Designer (we screamed when we saw it)

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